Since more than a century, photography has been one of the most efficient practices capable of expressing a clear and elegant message.
Photography indeed optimally portrays and projects a product or the leaders of a company.
A picture narrates an event or summarize in a unique way a concept that would hardly be expressed with a video. An example can be given by the photos of corporate events, photos for commercials (printed or digital) or social media. And let’s not forget the portrays of managers and models, the products catalogues, the backstage photos and the creative moodboards.

The equipment

We use high resolution cameras, suitable to catch colors compatible with artworks.
Wherever photos are required for social platforms, we look for the right matching with lights (post production, graphic) and the the creative direction of a social media manager.
In order to obtain the best result we use spotlights, a ministudio with limbo, torchlights, softboxes and a large selection of high quality lenses.
We can also organize photoshoots and aerial shootings by using drones driven by certified professionals.

He who seeks, shall find

Anytime you look for the right camera, lenses, lights, post production and printing skills…the numbers of professionals lowers down.
Contact us and tell us about your project, we will find together the right way to achieve the best possible result.
Our photoshoots are often combined with videos or social media projects. Besides the photo we also offer a professional raw file editing (R2, CR3 and much more), high quality contour useful for editorial layouts, graphics and much more.

If you wish to know more, please contact us.

Video services