Corporate Videos

For our corporate video production in Milan, DB5 Studio has been producing high quality videos such as: company presentations with an emotional vibe, video interviews for managers (suitable for internal usage or for LinkedIn/Youtube), videos for social platforms (supporting marketing’s activity), tutorials (also for sales departments), corporate videos and web series with actors and sound engineers.

Our clients

We work with medium and small companies, as well as start ups and large enterprises. Whenever such companies have a marketing department, we talk to them and offer the best solutions in order to improve the brand awareness. We convey comprehensible and attractive messages through effective creative strategies.

The costs of a corporate video

We provide the best corporate video for the allocated budged. Contact us, together we will find the best price for your next video!

Why do you need a corporate video?
A video is the ideal instrument for generating leads and convert visitors into clients. Presenting your company through a video allows you to reach your target in a fast and elegant way.

From concept to shooting.
Our job doesn’t start with the shooting itself of the corporate video but it’s preceded by one or more briefings with the client in order to understand the concept and the best way to tell a story (storytelling).

Once the pre-production phase is over, it begins the corporate video shooting at our studios or at selected locations.

The video team

Our Video team is composed by expert qualified technicians such as boom operators, cameramen , directors and make up artists.
Our video team can work also outside of Milan, depending on the needs of the Client.
Our corporate videos possess the same quality as our commercials. We can give an emotional vibe to any video by using drones which also enrich the quality and credibility of the shootings.

Our equipment allows us to shoot in 4K and full hd, with natural and soft colors obtained through the use of lights and film lenses. Thanks to our cameras coordination (multicamera) we can shoot the same scene from different angles, enriching the final product with a rich editing.

We can make your video international. Nowadays companies don’t communicate with just one language. It’s important to be seen and heard all around the world. This is the reason why we offer translations and voice overs in different languages: you can choose (by yourself or with us) among numerous talented voice over artists (both italians and foreigners) you may already have heard on TV, radio, podcast or audiobook.

How and where

We operate with both limbo and greenscreen. These two different techniques are thought and meant for the most elaborated corporate productions which require make up artists, actors and directors as well.

While editing we can add titrations, graphics, motion graphic and 3D, giving the video an engaging movement.

During the last years, companies have been asking often and often a special attention for their events, usually broadcasted via Live Streaming.

Video services