Videos for events, congresses, summit & meetings.

Videos for events

An event is a special time, a moment that can not be forgotten!
For this reason shooting a video, a photobook or a live event it’s fundamental for any company that wants to narrate to its clients and colleagues a special event such as a congress or a meeting.

First of all, organization

Just like for any work, there is no future without a proper organization. If you ever hosted an event, you know what we are talking about.
For this reason we think you may find helpful to know how we work:
First of all we start off with the technical part as we need to understand which professionals and what kind equipment we might need for the project. For example, in case of a shooting of an event, our troupe monitors the range and coverage of the cameras, the cameramen coordinate on ear their work with the director, the steadycam operator (or ronin operator) transmits wireless the video to the director, and the sound engineers manage the microphones and anything else concerning the audio area. All is coordinated by the director who, if planned, will broadcast live the event.

There are many others aspects as well. The event can be enriched by a motion 2D graphic, hosts, speakers of different languages, sound design, 3D animations and much more. All of this in order to make the event unique and complete.

Once we managed the technical side, we move on and work with creatives (and the client!) on the emotional aspect by finding out the best way to narrate the event with elegance and reality.

Video is just one of the many ways of witnessing an event, which can be narrated also via foto or social.

The event: a mosaic of activities, one goal.

We support large companies and agencies but we can also assist small and medium companies in their events, meetings and congresses. We also work for universities and museums.
If you wish to know more, please contact us.

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